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Best 25 Of The Most Iconic Vine Quotes Ever

Vines Quotes are nearby 6-second or more time, comedy, music, tricks and cool-funny Videos and trends also. There are lot’s of Quotes added along with songs in Videos.

Now in present era vinners used to add there Quotes in Youtube Videos, Twitter and Facebook also.

Enjoy These 25 Of Everyone’s Favorite Vines Quotes:-

“Ooooooo, he needs some milk.”


“Hi, welcome to Chili’s.”


“It is Wednesday, my dudes.”


“Country boy, I love you ahhhwweelhwh…”


“Escalera oooooooaaaa!”


“F**k ya chicken strips!”


“Barbecue sauce on my titties.”


“Gimme your F**KING money!”


“That was legitness.”


“Ms. Keisha, MS. KEISHA! Oh my f**king God, she f**king dead.”


“A person does not grow from the ground like a vine or a tree, one is not part of a plot of land. Mankind has legs so it can wander.”


“Wtf, is this allowed?, wtf is that allowed?!”


“Stars of David were plastered to their shirts, and misery was attached to them as if assigned. “Don’t forget your misery…” In some cases, it grew on them like a vine.”


“Ohmigod he on x games mode”


“You are mine-you know you’re mine!” he cried wildly…the moonlight twisted in through the vines and listened…the fireflies hung upon their whispers as if to win his glance from the glory of their eyes.”


“When asked by an anthropologist what the Indians called America before the white men came, an Indian said simply “Ours.”


“Zack stop, Zack stop, you’re gonna get in trouble”


“Whoever threw that paper, your mom’s a hoe.”


“I wrestled futilely, then relaxed as a vine wrapped three times around my throat and squeezed.


Right,” I choked out, and shut my eyes. “I’ll wait here, then.”


“Ohmigod he on x games mode”


“I never went to oovoo javer”


“Wtf, is this allowed?, wtf is that allowed?!”


“Wtf, is this allowed?, wtf is that allowed?!”


“Ohmigod he on x games mode”


“I never went to oovoo javer” “You’re not my dad, ugly ass f**king noodle head.”

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