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Top 10 Worldwide All Time Favourite Hot Anime Girls

The word ‘anime’ depends on the first japanese articulation of the american word ‘animation’.

The generalization of the anime style are characters with relatively extensive eyes and hairdos and hues that are exceptionally vivid and colorful. The plots run from exceptionally juvenile (kiddy stuff), through young dimension, to develop (brutality, content, thick plot). The order of ‘hentai’ is given to animes of a stong sexual nature.

Albeit over 95% of anime has nothing debased about it, most shut disapproved of nitwits think anime is dependably a type of pronography.

Albeit a great many people quit watching ‘kid’s shows’ in their initial teenagers, there are ‘animes’ for all age gatherings.

We List out Following 10 Worldwide All Time Favourite Hot Anime Girls Enjoy Reading:-

1. Rias Gremory

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Rias Gremory is a fictional character who is 19 year old student appears in the light novel, anime, and manga series High School DxD authored by Ichiei Ishibumi. Rias is the main love interest of the protagonist, Issei Hyodo.


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2. Erza Scarlet


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Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild,wherein she is a member of Team Natsu. She also served as the guild’s 7th Guild Master during Makarov’s absence in X792.


3. Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia is a fictional character and the main female protagonist of the Fairy Tail manga and anime series created by Hiro Mashima. She is depicted as a teenage wizard and aspiring novelist who joins the titular guild due to its popularity, despite its members’ tendency to cause unintentional property damage.


4. Irina Shidou


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Irina Shidou is one of the many female protagonists of High School DxD and the childhood friend of Issei Hyoudou. She is a third-year high school student at Kuoh Academy in Class 3-B and is a devout Christian who, even after learning of God’s death, still follows his teachings.

She later gets reincarnated as an Angel by the Archangel Michael through one of the Brave Saints, her ranking among his peerage being “Ace”.


5. Akeno Himejima


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Akeno Himejima is a first-year college student at Kuoh Academy and one of the many female protagonists of High School DxD. She is Rias Gremory’s Queen as well as her best friend. Akeno is one of Kuoh Academy’s Two Great Ladies alongside Rias.


6. Yuki Asuna

Asuna Yuuki is a fictional character friend of Kirito who appears in the Sword Art Online series ( a sub-leader of the guild Knights of the Blood (KoB)) of light novels by Reki Kawahara. She is mononymously more commonly known as just Asuna, her player name in the eponymous video game which the novels are set in.

She is a skilled player earning the title “Flash” for her extraordinary sword skill that is lightning fast. Her game alias is the same as her real world name.


7. Seraphim


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Seraphim, “Sera” for short is a Hebrew-origin word referring to a type of celestial or heavenly being originating in Ancient Judaism (well-endowed vampire ninja). The term plays a role in subsequent Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.As a vampire, she periodically requires blood to stay alive, and can anesthetize people with a kiss in order to numb the pain from neck bites.

The singular “seraph” is a back-formation from the Hebrew plural-form “seraphim”, whereas in Hebrew the singular is “saraph”. Seraphim used to combines vampire powers to her Tsubamegaeshi secret sword technique and ninja reflexes to fight her enemies. She is able to form a pair of bat wings and a katana out of several leaves.


8. Ikaros


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Ikaros displays a very submissive, melancholic personality, and is completely subservient to Tomoki’s wishes. Ikaros possesses the ability to grant seemingly any wish through the use of several techno-magical cards. Despite her passive appearance, Ikaros has displayed moments of aggression when Tomoki’s life appears to be in danger. She weighs 48 kilograms, stands at 162cm and her wing type is listed as “Variable”.

Her “Variable” wings are extremely valuable and are highly desired by the God of Synapse, Minos. She becomes bonded to Tomoki at the beginning of the story, after saving him when he tried to save her.

Ikaros loves petting round things, especially watermelons, she even has a farm full of them. Even when Tomoki tried to take a watermelon from her to consume it, she refused to give it up and kept it for herself.

9. Kazuha Migiwa


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Kazuha Migiwa is one of Yosuga no Sora champions. She is the staggering little girl of a persuasive tycoon. Kazuha carries on with a refined life that some may contrast with present day princesses.

Kazuha didn’t have any companions in youth since she was the little girl of the most compelling individual in the town. This changed when she became more acquainted with an adorable and blameless young lady named Akira.

They frequently played together, and alternate children went along with them. Kazuha then made numerous companions. Indeed, even after Akira discovered that Kazuha was an Ojou-sama, she didn’t separate herself from her. In any case, this satisfaction didn’t last any longer: Akira’s solitary parent passed away and she needed to move far from the town.

One night, Kazuha heard her dad looking at embracing Akira, however her mom was against it and compromised that on the off chance that he did, she would move away with Kazuha. Kazuha then uncovered herself and cried, inquiring as to why.

Her folks revealed to her that Akira is Kazuha’s dad’s girl and that they are relatives. From that point forward, Kazuha’ father chooses to pay Yahiro to deal with Akira, without Kazuha’s information.


10. Shinka Nibutani

A beautiful girl in Yuuta’s class. Like Yuuta, she was also a delusional teen who called herself Mori Summer. She transferred to a high school different from her previous classmates to escape her past. Her cute personality is merely a deception to start her new life.

When she learns Sanae is in possession of the last evidence of her delusional phase, Shinka joins Rikka’s club in order to try and retrieve it.

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