UCI Health Insurance

What Is UCI Health Insurance And How Can You Apply It For 2019

Determine All queries about USHIP and GSHIP waivers regarding be directed to the UCI Health Insurance.

What Is UCI: 

UCI stands for “unique client identifier.” It is also known as a client identification number. It’s on official document by which you get Citizenship and Immigration.

About UCI Health Insurance:

To assist students in meeting this requirement, the University provides the UC Student(The University of Canberra) Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP). UC SHIP is a comprehensive health insurance plan that includes medical, mental health, dental, vision and pharmacy benefits.

Health Insurance:

All UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education students are required to have health insurance.

If you wish to waive UCI health insurance, please complete the Health Insurance Waiver below and submit it to CE 3 before your fees are due.

Click here For Download PDF…

How To Apply:

You can sign up for 2019 coverage from Oct. 15, 2018, to Jan. 15, 2019. Individuals with special qualifying life events can enrol at any time of the year.

Medi-Cal and Covered California use the same application. When you complete your application, depending on factors such as your family size, income and ZIP code, you will find out whether you qualify for:

  • A Covered California health plan, with or without financial assistance.
  • Medi-Cal.
  • County Children’s Health Initiative Program.

Health insurance coverage while abroad differs depending on your program:

  • UCEAP participants: Learn about your UCEAP health insurance by reading the important information on the Insurance tab for your program.
  • UC Summer Abroad and Independent Programs participants: Read Independent Programs Health Insurance details.

If you need help with any of this, please contact the UCI Study Abroad Center.

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