Travelling | World’s Top 7 Safest Countries In The World To Visit

If you Want to go on a massive, life-changing Travelling journey? When you are choosing a tourist destination or a place to Visit, it is important that you consider Useful tips for travelling with young children.

The first one is the nature of the country in terms of the environment, cultural heritage and economic performance. This will ensure that you get the most out of your trip or stay. Second and more important is the security detail that the specific place offers to travellers like yourself and others.

Remember without any safety you may not enjoy your trip. Below are the top 10 safest countries in the world to live or visit.

1. Iceland


If you love the frosty climate, glaciers and hot springs then Iceland could be an excellent place for you to settle down. According to the UN, Iceland is one of the most developed places in the world.

It has a huge per capita income that is fairly distributed and this has curtailed economic crimes by a huge percentage.

Both locals and foreigners are given an excellent security cover to prevent destruction of private property and loss of lives.

Apart from the geysers, the country also experiences volcanic eruptions especially in summer which have attracted lots of tourists into the country.



2. Norway


Norway has a vibrant fishing culture which has given rise to numerous fishing villages. It is a prosperous and wealthy economy that provides a safe haven for investors and people who want to live in the country.

Its low terrorism risk profile makes it a great option for those choosing a tourist destination. It also has a high regard for personal freedom, an amazing ancient history and a beautiful collection of beach landscapes.


3. Denmark


This country has a strong gender equality policy and a high regard for human rights. This has worked to lower the crime levels making it a decent place to live in.

there are a great places to visit or even live there permanently. The low population profile has reduced the scramble for resources and civil strife.

The display of traditional wares even in the capital Copenhagen is an evidence of the deep cultural heritage in Denmark.

4. Finland


Known for its strong economic performance, Finland has been home to some of the wealthiest people. It has developed strong political and military institutions which guarantee the country of both the economic and physical safety.

The inspiring landscapes blend well with the rich folk culture making the land of the midnight sun a beautiful destination for summer holidays. You can also opt to live in this country permanently.


5. Austria


The mention of Austria evokes memories of classical music composers, a strong traditional and modern architectural taste and a vibrant cultural heritage.

The country also has a wealth of historic cities that you can explore together with a spectacular geographical expanse characterized by snow covered Alps.

These are ideal sites for winter skiing. Austria has enjoyed peace and calm over the years thanks to progressive economic policies. You will not only find the country safe to live in but also an excellent tourist destination.


6. Singapore


In the whole of Asia, Singapore is considered the safest country to live in. This is largely contributed by its progressive economic policies and strict legal structures.

These are responsible for suppressing crime rates within the country. In terms of its tourist attraction, the country can be termed as a typical tourist destination where visitors can enjoy night safari moments and the richness of life on the Sentosa Island.

The lush gardens and street fairs add to the appeal of the country as a prime location for those who want to live and raise their children there permanently. Being an Asian country, the entrapment of culture are clearly visible.


7. Switzerland


This is home to some of the safest metropolitan cities in the world. These are Geneva, Zurich and Bern. This country is known for its vibrant shopping bazaars and a wide array of designer watches.

Its destinations are idyllic giving you a breathtaking view of the huge mountainous expanses. The peace and tranquility that Switzerland enjoys can be attributed to a stable political system, an equitable income distribution and fair economic practices.

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