20 Best Short Friendship Quotes For Your Best Friends

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”
― A. A. Milne


“A boy said,“Everybody is my friend.”Beloved said,“No, not everybody can be your friend.” Boy said, “Each one of them is gifted to teach me something new in my life.” Beloved said, “I still don’t agree.” Boy again smilingly said, “Don’t divide human, …divide your soul, you will have everybody as friend. In short, Friends are your own soul divided from you, who will guide you when you will move away from your path.”
― Santosh Kalwar


“The stupid are always in a tendency to create enemies; on the other hand the clever are always in a tendency to create friendships! Make friends with anything or anybody possible, in short, be clever!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan


“You got troubles, I got troubles–everybody’s got troubles, whether they’ve got a lot of money or a little money or no money. When you get right down to it, I guess love and friendship and doing good really are the big things.”
–“Money Talks”
― Kurt Vonnegut


“Your body can be in captivity, your life can be in captivity, but there is only one thing you should not allow to be in captivity; that is your soul.”
― Patience Johnson

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“Christianity is not for seasonal use, it is for daily use. Make the word of God your daily Language.”
― Patience Johnson


“When last did you thank God? When last did you appreciate him? Some people are just busy praying for more things they need God to do. The best way to pray is by thanking God first for the things He has already done in your life. For the remaining job in your life, He knows how to finish it.”
― Patience Johnson


“Christians believe in a big God but do small things and this is a big insult to God.”
― Patience Johnson


“God sends the best to those who deserves it.”
― Patience Johnson


“Nothing is over in my life when Christ is above it. Anything higher than me is still below the feet of Christ. I am not born again to be burnt, I am born again to be born again so that I may live in peace and joy that comes only from God.”
― Patience Johnson


“What you say about your situation matters a lot in life than what you do to it. It helps when you know what to say. When things are not going the way they are supposed to go, God does not keep quiet, He always say something. Do the same, change your situation with the words of your mouth.”
― Patience Johnson


“Romans 12:2
What is the difference between a person born with a silver spoon that later eat with the pig and someone born among the pigs without a silver spoon in his mouth and later eat with a golden spoon? One must have changed his mind. If you can renew your mind, you can change your destiny.”
― Patience Johnson


“Your Skin is not a deprivation, your life is not a defeat, the fact that you call yourself black does not mean that your eyes, soul and brain are black try to whiten yourself. If they blackmail you, whitemail yourself.
Don’t allow people’s opinion to pin you down. Build yourself above the standard of slavery.”
― Patience Johnson


“They terminate your job? Employ yourself. They retire you? Refire yourself.”
― Patience Johnson


“When you are busy doing something for God, God will also be busy doing something for you.”
― Patience Johnson

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“Where you are running to is not the answer, who is with you is the power.”
― Patience Johnson


“The people that God will bless the most are those who stayed with God. You do not work with walmart and expect Microsoft to pay you.”
― Patience Johnson


“We never look at people with the eye of God instead we look at them from their past, what they did wrong.”
― Patience Johnson


“Only trials can bring you triumph and only obstacles can bring you miracle.”
― Patience Johnson


“Without a good plan, you might fall short of reaching your dreams and goals.”
― Mensah Oteh

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