Uses Of Neem Leaves

12 Best Health Benefits Of Uses Of Neem Leaves

Neem is the rapidly growing evergreen tree, which can attend the enormous height of more than forty meters upon maturity. It is estimated that neem tree can live for more than 200 years.

Human has been using neem tree from a long time back. Traditionally Ayurveda uses Neem tree for soothing several ailments. Neem has been traditionally used to cure the ailments occurring both inside as well as outside the body.

Eating neem leaves lose reduce fever associated with viral infection. 18. Extracts of neem leaves and seeds produce pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and fever reducing compounds that can help in healing cuts, wounds, earaches, sprains and headaches. So, these are the uses of neem leaves for hair, skin and health.

Neem As Invasive Species

 Benefits Of The Neem

Except for the native region plantation of the neem tree must be done with great caution. Due to the prolific spreading rate of the Neem, it can cause havoc outside the naïve region.

The rapid spread rate of the neem tree has the potential to wipe out native species from the non-native region. This is the prime reason for its inclusion of neem in the list of weed species in many none native geographical area.

Various government bans on the import of the neem seed due to the hidden danger of rapid spread.

Health Benefits Of Neem

1. Acne


The presence of the salicylic acid in the neem is beneficial in preventing the growth of the bacteria leading to demise in the acne.

Further, the quercetin innate in the neem makes the skin smooth and fades scars.

The bacterial growths are responsible for the occurrence of the acne.

2. Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Neem is widely praised for its ability to regulate the blood pressure in the human body. This is describing in the Ayurveda.

The antihistamine effect obtains upon the consumption of the leaves leads the blood vessels to dilate. This can be the great benefit for the one suffering from the high blood pressure.

3. Birth Control


The spermicide property of the neem is beneficial in the prevention of the conception. The cream with the prime ingredient as neem oil is gaining immense popularity in birth control.

4. Cholesterol


Moderate consumption of the neem is claimed to demise the level of the cholesterol in the blood. An adequate level of the cholesterol is vital for the optimum functioning of the heart.


5. Diabetes


Intake of the neem stimulates the production of the insulin hormone. This can be beneficial for the one suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and is affecting various people around the globe.


6. Digestion


The healing power of the neem is claimed to be beneficial in the adequate digestion of the food.

7. Eye


Neem has several beneficial effects in the eye. It is essential to boil 20 leaves with half a liter of water for around five minutes. The water thus obtained can be used to wash the eye. This is believed to soothe inflammation in the eye.


8. Immune Boosting

Exercise Daily

Neem oil is claimed to boost the immune system leading to the beneficial effect of preventing several ailments. Immunity boosting can prevent several diseases occurrence.


9. Hair


The antimicrobial property of the neem is claimed to induce the beneficial effect in keeping the healthy hair. It is claimed that the use of the Neem prevents hair fall, ward off dandruff. This is the prime reason for the use of the neem oil in the shampoo.


10. Eczema


The Neem oil is widely used in the treat eczema. The rough and inflamed skin often marked by the blister is known as eczema.


11. Fungus


Neem is widely noticed for their antifungal property. This is effective in the preventing various infection caused by the fungus. The fungus is responsible for several noisome effects in the human body such as itching, pain, and others.

12. Genital Warts

Genital Warts

The cause of warts in the human body is Human Papilloma Virus and the application of the neem can be effective in removing genital wrath. This can be achieved by the application of the oil and paste of neem leaves in the affected part.

The antiviral property of the neem is effective in the prevention and elimination of warts in the various part of the human body.


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