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Apple’s Cheaper iPhone: Order Your Colorful iPhone XR Available For Pre-order

Features Of iPhone XR: Available starting At $749 For The 64GB Version

Apple’s iPhone XR is the odd duck this year. Available starting At $749 For The 64GB Version. It’s the first iPhone to come in a rainbow of colors for many years and looks nearly identical to the other new iPhones.

The cheaper price means that you won’t get the iPhone XS’ fancier OLED display, dual-rear cameras or the better water resistance (the XR is still water resistant, though its anti-water capabilities are similar to last year’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X and not as strong).

With an edge-to-edge screen with that signature notch cut out up top. It doesn’t have dual rear cameras like the new iPhone XS (8/10, WIRED Recommends) and it’s somewhere between the size of a regular iPhone and Plus-sized iPhone. More importantly, it’s $250 cheaper than the other new iPhones.

The XR hits shelves Friday, October 26 at 8 am (local time) and preorders have begun. Most colors are still in stock at the starting price of $749, though a few models have slipped to 2 weeks ship time. Below are the stores taking preorders, and a few other good phone deals happening this week.

You Will, However, Still Get:

  • A large 6.1-inch HD screen,
  • 12-megapixel rear camera that can take portraits
  • Variety of colors including white,black, blue, yellow, coral and a special Product(RED).
  • 128GB and 256GB are available
  • Drops the fingerprint sensor for Apple’s Facial Recognition and runs the same processor.

How To Order Your iPhone XR:

iPhone XR

iPhone XR yet that works on every wireless carrier, so you’ll have to pick the right one for you. If you pay in full from Apple.com, your phone will come unlocked, according to Apple.

  • Apple for $749 or $898 if you pay $37.41/24 months for Yearly iPhone Upgrade Program where you can trade in your phone for a new iPhone every year. – WIRED Recommended Choice
  • Walmart In-Store Reservation for $750. You don’t have to pay anything online, but Walmart will let you reserve an iPhone XR to pick up at your local store.
  • Best Buy for $750 or pay monthly on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint. Monthly prices are the same as seen for each carrier below. Best Buy also lets you trade your old iPhone 7 Plus (or newer) for up to a $275 Best Buy Gift Card.
  • Sprint for $750 or $31.25/18 months. Sprint offers a lease plan that lets you upgrade after 12 months if you turn in your phone, like Apple’s upgrade program.
  • T-Mobile for $750 or $20.84/36 months. T-Mobile has a complicated deal to get an iPhone XR half off if you start a 4-line plan.
  • AT&T for $750 or $25/30 months. AT&T has a complicated way to get $700 off a second iPhone XR, assuming you buy them on its Next upgrade program and also have DirecTV. You may want to read the fine print on this deal (there’s a lot of it).
  • U.S. Cellular for $749 or $24.96/30 months. U.S. Cellular offers $600 back on iPhone XR in bill credits if you are switching from another wireless network and order the unlimited plan with device protection.
  • Verizon for $750 or $31.24/24 months. Verizon offers a second iPhone XR for free if you add a new line of service.

iPhone XR Hands-on – Early Look at All Colors

Source: USA Today, Wired

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